Cinco de Mayo Pre-Sale Now Live!

Two types of ceviche, special taco kits and, of course...margaritas! We have so many delicious ways to help you celebrate Cinco de Mayo!

Our Cinco de Mayo Pre-Sale is now live, with special items only available through our catering department. Quantities are limited!
Pickups will be from 1-6pm on Wednesday 5/5 at our Mississippi location. 
We've got so many special things to offer, we cannot help but be excited!

Classic PQN Ceviche - a definite PQN favorite and speciality: wild shrimp & diver scallops marinated in seasoned lime juice and spicy serrano salsa, served over guacamole and topped with cabbage.
Comes with chips! (Spicy)

Marcos' Oaxacan Style Ceviche - another Marcos original with standout flavors:  bay shrimp marinated in a sauce of lime juice, cilantro, tomatoes, onions, ketchup and habanero peppers!
Comes with chips! (Spicy)

Special Taco Kits featuring Pollo Habanero and Cochinita Pibil 
This time we're letting you choose up to two pint-sized fillings for your taco kits!
 Cochinita Pibil - Braised pork shoulder in an achiote and citrus marinade (medium spicy)
Pollo Habanero - Shredded chicken in a flavorful habanero sauce (spicy)
Classic options - Beef Barbacoa, Pork Carnitas, Pollo Verde (chicken), Seasonal Veggies - Sauteed asparagus, sugar snap peas, vidalia onions, red bell pepper and Swiss chard
Each kit contains:
1 quart of meat/veggies total split between 2 pints
1 quart each of beans and rice
15 handmade corn tortillas
Includes toppings (all on the side): cilantro & onion, salsa verde, salsa de arbol, crema, queso fresco
Tacos and sides to feed 4-6 people!

Passionfruit & Serrano Agua Fresca - A delicious and quenching agua fresca made especially for this event! Choose from 1/2 gallon or full gallon sizes. Enjoy it solo, or add it to a margarita to kick it up a notch! 

We've also got an assortment of other beverages, snacks, and add-ons available! Quantities are limited, get your order in soon!
Cochinita pibil tacos you can make at home!
Taco Kits are great for re-heating at home! 

Don't forget, margaritas to-go are now available for catering orders as well!
Please contact with any questions.