This isn't goodbye for good, it's goodbye for now.

CatHead's BBQ

We started CatHead's BBQ in 2008. We were fresh out of culinary school, ready to feed the world. 
In 2012, we moved into our very first restaurant. It was a little more than we wanted at the time because it was a big operation, but we came in and made the space an extension of our home. There were a lot of “firsts” and “learning the hard way” for us in lots of ways. By our hard work, we earned a huge following and became a go to spot for people all over the Bay Area and quite frankly the world. With the loyalty from those customers we were able to grow as a business and as people. When it got tough we put our heads down and pushed through. Running a restaurant is not easy. It’s a lot of putting out fires (literally) and jumping in where needed. It’s not very glorious at all. The thing that makes it all worth it is seeing the faces of the people we have fed and the enjoyment they got from our food. Looking back on these past twelve and a half years, we would not change a thing because this experience has made us who we are. We do what we love to do and we do not intend on giving up on that. With a very heavy heart we have made the most difficult decision to close CatHead’s BBQ. We have been trying to hang in there for the last few months in this difficult climate of uncertainty but we have to face the reality that we have to move on. 
Our last day open will be Sunday August 2nd. It would be amazing to see all of our customers one last time. So please stop by sometime this week and help us sell everything out and say goodbye in person. This isn’t goodbye for good. It’s goodbye for now!!
Thank you for the support.
Pam & Richard CatHead’s BBQ