New System Hold in the works!

Three Ball Climbing

Plywood + T-nuts = Best Hangboard Ever?
Customers have been asking about a 3Ball Hangboard for the last 16 years!  I've never made one because a big chunk of plastic you cannot modify or customize has always seemed like a giant waste.
Modular Hangboard
We use plywood and T-nuts to make climbing walls because it give you an infinite number of route-setting options.  Doesn't it make sense to use the same concept for a hangboard?  Isn't a hangboard a mini-climbing wall?
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Plywood Hangboard
Available w/ or without grips.  The Embedded T-nuts are the industry standard 3/8-16 thread with means you can use just about any bolt-on climbing hold on the planet. You don't have to use our grips if you've got you're own you'd rather use :)
Hangboard Grips
Hangboard Crimp
Hangboard Pinch