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It's LOVE MONTH and we have some fun stuff to share with you!
- 2 Day Accelerated Lash Extensions Class is NOW ENROLLING with our Early Bird Special of $850! Register here 

-Enrolling our 3 months & 6 weeks Lash Extensions & Permanant Make Up Course *2 days a week *2 hrs Morning or Evening *Payment Plans Available Register Here

- Grand Opening in MARCH of Love Letter a Lash Extensions, Brows, Manicure, & Fine Line Tattoo Studio located on 6705 W Beloit Rd West Allis, WI 53219

- Student Spotlight - Shelah Hang
Early Bird Special Lash Extensions Class Registration NOW OPEN until Feb 7th for $850 (Normally $950)
Elevate your lash career in just 2 days, covering all the lash techniques you need, from Classic to Easy Fans and Russian Volume. Our course, led by State Licensed Educators, transforms you into a versatile Eyelash Technician capable of crafting subtle, natural, glamorous, or mega volume lash sets!
Discover the artistry behind lash styling with a curriculum designed to turn you into a true Master Lash Stylist. Fully accredited and certified by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue & Licensing, our training is your ticket to industry recognition, catering to all skill levels.
We believe in hands-on learning, so your course includes a complete kit to kickstart your lash journey. Work on models during the course, gaining practical experience that sets you apart. Plus, case studies at home cement your skills, ensuring you're ready for real-world scenarios.
Day 2 is specially arranged with students at the end of day one, making your learning experience seamless and efficient.
Ready to embark on this lash adventure? A deposit of $250 secures your spot before the course begins. Explore our flexible payment plans by contacting us – because your lash dreams are worth it.
Join us at Pang Vang the Academy of Beauty & Aesthetics, where our passion meets your potential. Enroll today and let's craft a future where you're the Master Lash Stylist you've always aspired to be. For inquiries or to claim your spot, reach out to us. Your journey to lash artistry excellence starts now!
Our 2 Day Training Includes.
​Classic & Volume Kit enough to start your business!
​Paperwork and Release forms for you to use for your clients
A complete digital and physical pamphlet with over 15 mapping styles with over 100 pages of information

What you will learn;
​Properly apply Classic, Volume, Mega, & Hybrid Extensions
​Safety & Sanitation
​Styling & customization
How to Market your business locally & online (How to take photos & advertise)
​How to stay growing in the Lash Game
​How to start your business (Required paperwork and laws in your area)
​How to set your prices according to the clientele you want to attract in your local area
​I share with you my resources; lawyers, accountants, insurance information and all software help to get your business going and growing.
Access to our Exclusive FB Group
Continued Mentorship
6 months of supervised model time
Lifetime of access to future trainings to refresh your skills

Opening March
Love Letter
Lash Extensions | Brows | Manicure | Fine Line Tattoo Studio
6705 W Beloit Rd   West Allis, WI 53219

💌 Hi Everyone,
I have been blessed with the opportunity, along with so many other professionals' demands, to add a new business to my portfolio. I took some time to think about what I would do differently with this new location as well as where my passion is at & did it align with my mission. I think a lot of people see me as someone who is super independent and intimidating, but those who are close to me knows I’m a giant softy and have a hard time saying no. 🥴 I never want to do anything that feels forced or overwhelming. All the while, I have spent a lot of time in the last few months reflecting on my personal & career life as well as my own clientele, team, & students. The similarities were that we are in a "soft" era, & this is where I feel that I get to celebrate my authentic self the most. With that being said, this is how I came up with the new locations' name, "Love Letter."
Here is my love letter to you & myself.
Enjoy, be gentle, & take care of her/him (you).
With Love, Pang 🤍
Starting March
We will have our 2 nail techs; Grace and Kaliya offering manicure services along with other services such as Lash Extensions & Brow services by our collection of Independant Artists; Chao of Rose Glow Studios and many other professionals including fine line tattoo artists. 

Email Us at PangVangLLC@gmail.com for space rentals.
$280 Monthly
$150 Weekly
Student Spotlight : Shelah Hang
Almost 11 years ago, I was just getting settled back into living in Milwaukee. At the time I went back to a managerial role with the corporate salon I worked for 6 years prior. Considering the existing stylists at the salon, I was in need of more stylists before going on maternity leave. Some of the key characteristics that I look for when hiring are; communication, coachable candidates, & trustworthy. I know if during an interview the person meets these requirements that their skills and mindset will progress under my guidance, and with that the culture of the salon maintains its integrity to provide the quality and longevity or relationship and service to our guests. When I interviews Shelah, being right our of beauty school, I knew she was going to be the right stylist who would be able to grow and hone these qualities and skills into her career, and here we are today almost 11 years later back in her hometown in Manitowoc. Shelah took our lash extensions training back in 2019. 
I was able to add lash extension services to my salon about 2 weeks after taking the class. I was so excited to have learned a new service so I practiced every day whether it was on friends/family or on the mannequin. Before the training, I didn’t think about worrying about the pros and cons of taking the class, when I want something badly then I just go for it. However after adding lash extensions along with my other services such as hair, I was worried about not being able to create a clientele for lash as I did for hair. Especially because I was living in a small town and didn’t know whether lash extensions would be a big hit or not. I am so glad that I kept going because it ended up working out great after all. 
Since taking the class, I can proudly say that I now have a consistent clientele for lash extensions. It’s at the point where I cannot accept new lash clients. The 1st and 2nd year of lashing was definitely the hardest because I was finding my style, rhythm and what product lines worked best in my environment. Once I found what products and styles worked for me, lashing became so much easier to do. 
I have been in the beauty industry for about 11 years now. It’s been almost 5 years since I’ve started my own business and 4.5 years since learning how to do lash extensions. I now offer all styles of lash extensions (classic, hybrid, volume, & mega-volume), along with some hair services, hair extensions and facial waxing services. I also offer Lash classes now and that’s been really fun to do. 

I am currently leasing a space and renting chairs. I currently have 1 renter in the salon right now. 

There are so many things to say in how the beauty industry has changed my life. I’ve met so many different people in this industry and have worked in multiple salons to find what kind of environment I would like to work in. Every salon that I went to, I was always looking for something more after I felt like there was nothing left for me to learn there. Now after 11 years, I’m right where I belong and I can’t find myself working in any other field., I’ve created my own safe space and 2nd home and not just for myself but also for my clients whom I am so so grateful for. I love what I do and where I’m at in my career. 

 I always look forward to seeing a happy client with any service that I provide, whether it’s hair or lashes.
Surrounding myself with others who are like-minded. Even just knowing and following other entrepreneurs who followed their dreams and continue to show their work and passion. Watching myself and other people being able to work and accomplish dreams is very fulfilling. Over the years, I’ve learned that I’m not going to be everyone’s hairstylist or lash tech. It’s the sad truth but you can’t please everyone even if you wanted to or tried. 
Never stop educating yourself. Even after taking classes, I would still go on YouTube or other professional sites to learn more info or watch more videos to learn different techniques.

Don’t give up. If you believe in yourself, then you can do it!

Shelah specializes in Blonding hair services(specifically balayage and highlighting) and lash extensions
Facebook: Shelah Hang at Shelah Hang Salon LLC