Dad and Diaspora at Souk!

Celebrate Dad AND this Juneteenth weekend, enjoy the culinary heritage of the African Diaspora at Souk! 
Pastry Sets for Dad! 
We've got a few of these pastry sets left and we're can't wait for the final reveal! There's something for every dad: savory, sweet and even a cocktail cordial to enjoy! 
Souk Brunch - A Taste of the Diaspora 
Every Saturday at Souk, a significant chunk of our brunch menu is dedicated to the joyful honoring of our Caribbean roots! This takes on special meaning tomorrow - Juneteenth - the first time that this day has been recognized as a Federal holiday! From salted cod (used in our saltfish buljol) to aloo pies (which meld both our African and East Indian culinary traditions), there is rich history to be uncovered and celebrated in every bite! Come see us or order online at the link above! 
Gifts for Dad!
Our Father's Day shop is still open full of gift ideas for dad like locally made ceramics, spice sets, handcrafted olivewood grinders and more! 
From picnic boxes to themed assortments, our Saturday pastry game is a world all its own! Pre-order ahead to guarantee your faves! Saturday sets include: The new Souk Picnic Box, All Things Matcha and the Port-of-Spain Trini-French set! 
As always, we thank you for your support!