Happy 2nd Birthday to Us! Thank you Celebratory Activities this week Nov 8-14th

2nd Birthday Celebration Week 
November 8-14th
Thank you, our Community
Original artwork by Emma, one of our fabulous managers and bakers!
Hello Blue Market AK supporters,

It's our 2nd birthday on Tuesday, November 9th! And even though starting a business a few months before a global pandemic has had its challenges, overall we are humbled and impressed with the outpouring of support from our community. We are proud of who we have become - an "old world" market with a feeling of openness, caring, community and loyalty that permeates the atmosphere when you walk through our doors. 

We have YOU to thank for our success. You came in on day one, wondering how a refillery grocer works. You asked questions and took a tour. And you returned, with a commitment to start altering your shopping habits. You waited until you ran out of olive oil, and then you brought your empty container to fill and you smiled an enormous grin. Our biggest reward for the work we have put into growing this business is in seeing your faces brighten as you check out with a counter full of colorful plastic-free groceries.

From the beginning, being mom-and-mom co-founders, we have likened starting a business to raising a child (albeit the timeline is thankfully shorter), joking that we are co-parenting Blue Market AK. We gave birth to Blue Market AK, nurtured it through infancy, toddler times and pre-teen awkwardness. Now, we have a  TEENAGER - full of possibility, growing pains, and bright ideas. (It's a bit ironic that Jen just recently launched her own human teenagers!)

So, this week we will be celebrating ourselves by giving to you, with feel-good art activities to participate in, Members specials, Staff Picks and discounts, tips and challenges and a contest and even a documentary film showing.  See details on the poster below.

With peace, love and gratitude,
Tired mommas Jen and Jess, and the entire Blue Market AK Team
Join Us Via Zoom!
Community members, social challenge followers, and Alaska lovers — we're honored to announce we'll be a featured panelist in this year's Alaska Startup Week!

On Monday, November 8 (that's next week!), we'll be meeting with four other sustainably-focused Alaskan businesses from around the state to talk everything social entrepreneurship: How to be a community-focused business, how to grow, and how to build a community that cares (that's you guys).

Join us on Monday evening from the comfort of your home!  from 5:30 - 6:30PM.  There'll be an open Q&A during the second half of the panel 🥳

Get the Zoom link and RSVP here: sched.co/pjXF

A Sea of Problems . . .
Inspired by a picture book, Max Romey heads to a remote beach on Alaska's coastline in search of marine debris. What he finds is a different story altogether. Max returned to Alaska after years of freelance filmmaking abroad. Hoping to use his unique blend of watercolors and filmmaking he is working to highlight complex environmental problems affecting his Alaskan community. This film is the first taste of a dyslexic’s visual take on the giant spectator of Marine Debris that hovers over the Alaskan Shores. 

His film will be running in a loop all day inside Blue Market AK on Tuesday and hopefully all week!  To follow the story and see where else you can view this film follow @MaxRomey on Instagram or Facebook. 
Alaska Common Ground, our Oct-Nov-Dec 1% Giving Back Recipient
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NOTE: If you are shopping from our online store, all items that are on the floor in the store may not be visible there, so call us at 907-677-2583 to check on availability if you see something marked as "out of stock" or not visible in the online store.