Ninja Plus Flex Days...

Flex days are selling out. Don’t miss out!
Ninja Plus will be in session in just a few short weeks 👩‍🎓👨‍🎓!

Here are answers to some questions that have been coming in:

• No matter your child(ren)’s virtual learning agenda, we are prepared to help! Some districts  will require children to virtually follow their classroom schedule. Other districts are going to assign work to be completed each day at a time of the student’s choosing. In every situation, we will ensure that each child is properly guided and assisted. We are prepared to adjust gym times for the students with different online attendance requirements.

• The classroom area will be entirely closed off from the gym area. We have purchased dividers to secure the classroom space. 

• Flex days are limited; not per family, but the total amount available on our online store. This allows us to keep the class sizes small. Flex Days are selling very quickly. It’s important to purchase yours sooner rather than later if your child plans to be part of Ninja Plus. You do NOT have to give us the dates you need upon Flex Day purchase.

• More info and registration