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Two minutes of thyme and sage advice. Spring symbolizes growth and the anticipation of cook-out season! For others Spring represents watery eyes, itchy throats and lots of sneezing! No worries, I got you! Four tips to get through allergy season and coping with allergens, Go!
4 Tips to Reduce Allergens Naturally
Tip 1: Spring Cleaning
Deep cleaning and disinfecting surfaces can improve air quality by removing dust, mold and allergens. And likewise spring cleaning our body system can improve immune system response by removing mucus, toxins and waste. Try juicing dark leafy greens for 7 days or adding bitters to your diet for a nutrient rich cleaning experience.
Tip 2: Pollen
Spring can bloom uncomfortable allergy symptoms. If pollen gets you down try using indoor air filters and limit outdoor activities during high pollen times. 
You can also use natural teas and tonics from your garden like nettle, a natural antihistamine to treat symptoms instead of using harsh over-the-counter drugs. 
Tip 3: Skin Deep
 Our skin is the largest organ, it absorbs much of what we put on it. Synthetic ingredients used in skin care products and cosmetics can cause all types of skin irritations and allergic reactions. Try switching to more natural products or products that use organic ingredients. Another healthy alternative, take a class and learn how to make your own skincare products.
Tip 4: Allergic to Detergents
Allergens can hide in the soap and cleaning products we use everyday. Some companies use artificial foaming agents for big profits that create big problems for your skin! Try switching to natural products or choose products that are fragrance free or artificial color free . And tap into your creative side and learn to make your own soap products with ingredients you can trust. 
An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure! 

1. Spring cleaning your home and car environment reduce dust, mold and pollen. Air filters and houseplants are helpful in filtering indoor air.
2. Switch to skincare brands that care about people and the Earth! 
3. Get creative and learn something new. Join the Urban Medicine Cabinet workshop series or classes to learn how to make the products you need and use.
4. Detoxing should be routine for optimal health. Doing so removes toxins and waste for improved immune system response.
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