Masks Required

Tranquil Sole Massage

Dear Tranquil Sole Massage community,

At the instruction of my insurance carrier (Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals) and the recommendations of the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards, I must change my stance on masking.   

Wearing a mask is not optional for either of us. I am requiring it because right now it’s the best option we have for keeping each of us safer. Specifically, you wearing a mask keeps me safer, and I want to be as protected as possible so I can continue to work.

With that in mind, are you willing to wear a mask during treatment or would you prefer to find another massage therapist?

Also, prior to an appointment, the following questions are in your reminder for you to consider:
› Have you been asked to self isolate or quarantine by a doctor or a local public health official in the last 14 days?
› Have you experienced any cold or flu-like symptoms in the last 14 days (fever, cough, shortness of breath or other respiratory problem)?
› Have you had close contact with or cared for someone diagnosed with COVID-19, or someone exhibiting cold or flu-like symptoms within the last 14 days?
› Have you been tested for COVID-19? What type of test did you have? When were you tested? What was the result?

Please cancel if you are sick. The 24 hour policy does not apply. I do not work on sick people, period. I'll try to get you in when you are feeling better, but please understand that we are working in close quarters and there are other people sharing that space over the course of a day. If you do have a cough or other signs of respiratory illness, you will be turned away.

If you need to cancel any upcoming appointments, reply to this email, text, call, or Facebook message me. As our local number of COVID-19 cases continue to rise, I feel this is the right thing to do. If you need a referral to another therapist, I am happy to provide that. 

This short video may be helpful in regards to breathing while wearing a mask:

Thank you for your understanding. I would rather look back on this time and feel like I did all I could, or even too much, than not enough. Hope to see you soon!

Andrea Engel, RN, LMT