Summertime....Help Wanted....1% Giving Back changeover.....$50 Membership...weekly schedule....

Sum Sum Sum Sum Sum Sum Summertime....
Hello Blue Market AK supporters,

Summer is here and perhaps you are feeling that slowed down lounge-in-the-sun urge that pairs itself with a frenetic Alaskan summertime need to squeeze everything in our short but glorious season.  We hope you are all getting outside, playing in your gardens or in the mountains or on the sea or lakes.  Ah, Alaska....

We just wanted to share a few bits of news and then let you get back to your summertime fun:

1)  We are hiring!  We need a part-time, outgoing, passionate-about-minimizing-waste person to help round out our Blue Market team, as some of our awesome staff are moving on to college and other exciting adventures.  Duties include retail sales, inventory (must be able to lift 50lbs), barista, and a willingness to educate and share our refillery model with new and returning customers.  We need weekend shifts and also some partial shifts during the week.  This is an ongoing position (not just summer).  Interested?  Please email Jen and Jess at

2)  We are expanding our hours IN OCTOBER - thanks to all of you who took the time to fill out our survey, we were so excited and touched to read your comments and collect your feedback.  It looks like we will be open later in the evenings and one more day per week - starting this Fall.  (NOTE: We will be CLOSED on Sunday July 4th.)

3)  Our next 1% Giving Back Recipient is Cook Inletkeeper.  For the months of July/August/September, 1% of every sale made will go directly to this fabulous organization.  Read below for more information about them.

4)  Memberships are prorated for $50 as of July 1st.  Renew or join for the first time, the current $50 rate is good through Dec. 31, 2021. Did you know that Students and Seniors 65+ are ALWAYS only $25/year for membership?  Membership gives you 10% off every purchase, plus access to a handful of "members only" discount days throughout the year, and a whole lot of good karma for supporting our little eco-friendly venture.

With love and gratitude,
Jen and Jess and the entire Blue Market AK Team
Open til 7pm on Thurs. July 1st
We will remain open an extra hour, until 7:00pm on Thursday July 1st.  So come on over after work and stock up on those goodies for bbq/hiking/camping you've got planned for July 4th.  (NOTE: We are closed Sunday, July 4th.)
Camping Season Is Here!
What does your picnic spread look like?
Its's time to dust off the camping gear. Whether you are hiking or car camping, we have many eco-friendly picnic options in stock (beeswax sandwich bags, stainless steel bento boxes, mason jar accessories-lanterns-pourers-snack holders, bamboo cutlery, cloth napkins, durable lightweight quick-dry organic towels, enamelware cups, bucket covers, and more!) 

While you're at it - we also have all the makings for custom gorp/trailmix, freeze dried veggies, powdered milk and more! 
Confused about when we receive our local fresh items?  
Here's a weekly schedule
(NOTE for the next few weeks, Ayurlife is taking a break - call us if you're interested in her goods and we will let you know when she is returning.  Also, since all of these items are small batch and locally lovingly made, occasionally the days will fluctuate.  Lastly, we have many MORE local vendors (like Birdwings Fine Chocolates, Barnacle foods, Alaskan Heat that we regularly carry.  45%+ of our vendors are local Alaskans!  
Have questions? Please call us at 907-677-2583)
Cook Inletkeeper, our July-Aug-Sept 1% Giving Back Recipient
Cook Inletkeeper is a community-based nonprofit that has been combining advocacy, education, and science to protect Alaska’s Cook Inlet watershed and the life it sustains since 1995. Monitoring and scientific work build credibility with scientists and resource managers. Education and advocacy enhance stewardship and citizen participation. You can help ensure a vibrant and healthy Cook Inlet watershed by shopping at Blue Market AK!
CALL US any time during business hours  

Wed 11:00-6:00
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Sat 11:00-6:00
(CLOSED JULY 1st!) NORMAL Sun 11:00-4:00 

NOTE: If you are shopping from our online store, all items that are on the floor in the store may not be visible there, so call us to check on availability if you see something marked as "out of stock" or not visible in the online store.