A Quicker End than Planned

Reiki Thai Wellness, LLC

Reiki Thai Wellness is Closing Sooner
Hello My Dear Clients,
Today I was giving a massage and something popped in my shoulder causing limited range of motion and pain. I went to my doctor, and she recommends resting it otherwise I'm going to need surgery, which I cannot do. She is worried I will do irreparable damage that only surgery can fix, however if I am able to rest it and do physical therapy, I should be able to avoid that. That said, I'm going to close Reiki Thai for all massages and in-office Reiki today (Thursday). I know this is probably shocking; it is for me too and not at all how I wanted to end it. 
I thank you for your support and love throughout the years. I know many of you have packages and I will be reaching out to you in a few days to discuss next steps. Thank you for your understanding and I'm so sorry again that I have to close now. Remember to look for me at Flow Yoga Studio, Asilo Yoga Studio, and online yoga (once my shoulder has rested), Reiki, and in-home yoga and Reiki.