Last Few Weeks of 2021: Membership specials; Sales; Impact; Cashew Grinding Wed.

Reflections & Specials: 
the last few weeks of 2021
Our tree made of repurposed wood scraps & bicycle parts, hung with locally handmade ornaments and surrounded by handmade gift bags
Hello Blue Market AK supporters,

The year is coming to a close and we are delighted to provide a wide selection of zero-waste and locally made gifts and foods for your gatherings this month. Whether you are celebrating the upcoming Winter Solstice and return of the light, Christmas, Kwanza, or one of the myriad other winter celebrations around the globe, we wish you happy times spent with family and friends.

We have many announcements to share here:

1) "Clean the Bins" 20% OFF Bulk Sale - December 28-31st  All customers will receive 20% off bulk items only, while 2021 Members will receive 20% off ALL purchases.

2) STAFF PICKS 20% OFF weekly specials: Every week we feature "Staff Picks W/Th/Fr" and "Staff Picks Sat/Sun" - we hope you enjoy getting to know our awesome staff through their stories about their favorite things. Remember, those items are on 20% off sale on those days.

3) 2021 Members Only - 20% OFF Christmas Eve-eve - December 23rd: 
20% off everything in the store on Christmas Eve-eve so you can relax on Christmas Eve. (NOTE: Remember, 2021 Members also get 20% off everything from December 28-31st.)

4) EARLY-BIRD Membership Special - $95 2022 Membership Fee: Renewals or new 2022 Memberships purchased between now and January 15th will receive a $5 discount, so the annual membership fee is $95 instead of $100. Note: Students and Seniors always pay just $25 for the entire year. 2022 Memberships take effect on January 1st, 2022.

5) EXPANDED HOURS - TUES through SUN @11:00a - 7:00p: Did you know that we are now open 6 days a week? And into the evening hours so you can make it here after work? We hope this makes shopping with us more convenient.  Exceptions: 12/24 close at 6:00; Closed 12/25, 12/26, 1/1, 1/2.

6) CRUNCHING NUMBERS - How many containers have we saved from the landfill in 2021?:  Jen took a peek at her personal impact on the landfill in 2021, based on 4 regular items she purchases in bulk in her own containers. We can't wait to crunch the numbers based on all of our sales, after December!
Here are Jen's results (also on the image below):
    Total Jen Purchased in 2021 = how many containers saved from landfill?:
         * 154oz cooking oil = 4.8 bottles (32oz size)
         * 48oz basil = 12 clamshells (4oz size)
         * 47oz Lettuce = 9.4 clamshells (5oz size)
         * 236 loads laundry soap in pods & strips = 3.7 bottles liquid soap (64 load size) 

7) Cashew Butter Grinding on WEDNESDAYS ONLY!  Did you know that on Wednesdays only, we will grind our raw unprocessed cashews into creamy nut butter for you, on demand?

8) Max Romey's Artwork Coming Down after December: If you haven't been by to see Max Romey's unique watercolor artwork, be sure to check it out this month. 

9) Alaska Common Ground is our 1% Giving Back Recipient through December. 1% of your purchases goes to this wonderful group.

And lastly: About those pesky automatic Square receipts: If you are wanting to purchase something but not have your credit card receipt automatically send to your email address associated with it, there is a workaround but it is something you have to do from your end, unfortunately. We wish we could do this for you. To get to your own personal Square account (did you even know you had one of those?), you will need to go into any receipt from Square (it doesn't have to be a Blue Market AK receipt), at the bottom of the e-receipt there is a way to go into your personal Square settings - and you can change the email where the receipts are sent there. Then after you make your purchase, you can change it back if you want to. It's clunky, we know, but it seems to be the only way to make this adjustment (we cannot change the way square automatically sends those receipts to you from). The other workaround is to pay with cash :) - what a novel idea!

With peace, love and gratitude,
Jen and Jess, and the entire Blue Market AK Team

How many containers did Jen save from the landfill by purchasing in bulk in her own containers? 
Jen's 2021 purchases of Cooking oils, Lettuce, Basil, and Laundry soap:
Last few weeks to see Max's art show at the store - he will leave on Dec. 29th
A Sea of Problems . . .
Inspired by a picture book, Max Romey heads to a remote beach on Alaska's coastline in search of marine debris. What he finds is a different story altogether. Max returned to Alaska after years of freelance filmmaking abroad. Hoping to use his unique blend of watercolors and filmmaking he is working to highlight complex environmental problems affecting his Alaskan community. This film is the first taste of a dyslexic’s visual take on the giant spectator of Marine Debris that hovers over the Alaskan Shores. 

His film will be running in a loop all day inside Blue Market AK on Tuesday and hopefully all week!  To follow the story and see where else you can view this film follow @MaxRomey on Instagram or Facebook. 
Alaska Common Ground, our Oct-Nov-Dec 1% Giving Back Recipient
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