GoFund Me for Animal Feed and Staff Support

Support Your Local Zoo
Roer's Zoofari has been greatly impacted by COVID19 social distancing. We save enough money through the summer to properly feed and care for our animals and pay our dedicated staff November thru February. We rely 50% on general admissions from the public when the weather warms, as well as 50% on school field trips (about 500 students per day) to give us the cash infusion we need in March. Closing the zoo and laying off our staff is not an option for the sake of the 500 animals that call Roer's home.
We have applied for disaster assistance, but while we wait for a response we are dangerously low on funds to pay for veterinary expenses, animal feed and pay for our skeleton crew -of only 3 staff per day. We generally spend $100,000 per month on feed, payroll, supplies and utilities.
The zoo opened in 1972 as the Pet a Pet Farm, then it became Reston Zoo and in 2016 the Roer family took over the operations. We realized that many of you have had generations of good memories at the zoo and may want to help. We also realize that our friends and neighbors across the globe are facing very hard times and are limited in how they can help. We are grateful for any level of support from prayers to donated items (see below) and cash donations of any amount are being accepted through GoFundMe
Items that we are in need of: dogfood, horse quality hay, yams, sweet potatoes, Apples, Carrots, canned or frozen vegetables, canned or frozen fruit, expired baby formula (African Civets need milk in their diet -and there has not been any in the stores), Pine Shavings, Straw, cleaning supplies.

-note: we do not want to take food away from food banks and are happy with expired canned goods.  Wild game and meat can be accepted but please call ahead first - as we have limited freezer space.