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Temporary Closure Due to COVID-19 
It is with a heavy heart and a stressed mind that I am announcing the temporary closure of E SKIN FORTE. If you have an appointment between  March 21st, to April 11th, it is now cancelled due to the growing pandemic. Given the nature of my business and the extremely close proximity I share with my clients, I simply cannot in good conscience proceed as normal and remain open until I am forced to close. As someone who’s business is built on the pillars of wellness, balance, health, and self care, feel like I have a social responsibility to follow in the footsteps of the leaders in our industry and close for the benefit of everyone.

As always, I have been following Universal Precautions as well as recommended pandemic best practices in order to keep you and your families safe, happy, and well. However, with the unknown nature of COVID-19 and the ever changing information we've been receiving, I fear that standard practice is not enough. There are too many variables that are outside my control.

Thank you for understanding. Stay safe, healthy and blessed everyone. 

-Sincerely Emilie Duke-

This is a very scary time for our entire industry. But you can help us get through this rough time by simply...
1: Your 5 Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ is the best compliment we can have.
Leave a positive 5 stars review for us on Google. You may also copy paste it to other Facebook and other review flat form. 

2: Let's Get Social using Social Media 📲👍🏼💕
We can still get together while practicing "Social Distancing" Send us comments, liked and share our FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM and TIKTOK posts and updates. I hope to see you there. 😍
3: Gift Cards 🎁💆🏻
You can also purchase gift cards for future appointments. Send your loved ones a gift to remember.
4: Shop on our Skincare Products 🛍🛒
I understand how important your skincare regimen to you. If you're running low on your skincare and needed to replenish, you can purchase it through us by sending us an email, I will invoice you and your products will be shipped to your address. 
5: Virtual Clear Skin Coaching  🖥👩🏻‍💻
I now offer a virtual skin consultation to help you keeping your skin at it's best. This has been the most effective solution for my long distance Acne Bootcamp clients. 
6: Watch our Facebook LIVE: 
Yes! I'm a bit anxious yet very excited to let you know that I am finally stepping out of my comfort zone. I would love to see you join me. I decided that this is the best time to be doing some LIVE video using Facebook flat form. I will be talking about very informative topics about skin particularly ACNE. I'll try my best to make it something very worth your time. :) 

Add EMILIE DUKE LME and let's get connected. 

Together, we will all get through this. For now let's all stay home AND HELP SAVE LIVES, enjoy our time with our loved ones. 

Sending love and prayer to each and all of you. 🙏💕

Emilie Duke
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