Our Industry at its best regarding the Coronavirus Pandemic

💈Your Lucky 27 and Steamboat Barbershops

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While the world engages the coronavirus head-on, we are thankful for our industry’s strict rules on sanitation, disinfection, sterilization & cleanliness. Everyday we are held accountable as industry professionals when we open our doors & go to work. Now in the midst of this pandemic we are striving to be an even better version of ourselves and take it up a notch. Being even more diligent, focused and attentive to sanitizing, disinfecting, sterilizing & cleaning our equipment, our shop environment, our tools and ourselves ! 
Be Smart, Stay Safe & Enjoy Life 💈❤️
Your local neighborhood barbershops! Thank you for your confidence in us as well as your continued business during these challenging times. 
Sammie’s Lucky 27 Barbers & Barbershop Campus West
Kennedy’s Lucky 27 Barbers & Barbershop
Jessup Farm
Windsor’s Lucky 27 Barbers & Barbershop
Downtown Windsor