Update from Tranquil Sole Massage about COVID-19

Tranquil Sole Massage

Tentative Reopening Date
Dear Tranquil Sole Massage Clients,

I hope this note finds you well! I have been keeping busy with cleaning projects and exercise. Local trails are in great shape! I thought an update would be in order by now. I know we all need a massage. 

My tentative reopening date is June 22nd. It depends on a couple of factors; one being when local spas and salons are given the okay to open. 

I have done some major decluttering of my treatment room. I've ordered EPA approved disinfectant, which is on backorder for a couple more weeks. I am shopping for hand sanitizer pump bottles.  I've created a new procedure checklist which you can view here: tranquilsolemassage.com/room-turnover-procedure

Notably, there will be an hour between clients for proper room turnover. I will be in touch once more before my opening regarding masks, hand hygiene, arrival times, assessments, etc., but know that I am comfortable wearing a mask the majority of a day. My nursing experience comes in handy in unexpected ways sometimes :-) 

If you are considered high risk, understand that there are still risks inherent in close contact. I will make my best effort, but there are no guarantees with COVID-19. If you feel something is missing from my room turnover procedure or have any questions, please do feel free to ask. If you are high-risk, please consider whether a massage is in your best interest. I will not be enforcing my 24 hour cancellation policy when it comes to illness. I just ask that you contact me prior to your session starting. 

I take my role as a creator of a relaxing experience very seriously. It's more than just tissue manipulation. Your health and well-being are more important to me than money. 

Thank you so much for sticking with me during these interesting times. Contact me by text at 715-360-3681, email andrea@tranquilsolemassage.com, or Facebook message me either directly or through my business page. I miss you all and love hearing from you. 

In the meantime, Steve has endured me learning some new moves, and as of yesterday said I haven't forgotten how to massage, so that's good!

In Good Health,
Andrea Engel, RN, LMT, Willow, Kyah, Trixie and Bob :-)