Update from Tranquil Sole Massage - COVID and Comfort

Tranquil Sole Massage

We have some updates
Dear Tranquil Sole Massage community,

It's been awhile since I touched base. Time for a quick update! Things are going well since reopening in June. I'm at my new full capacity of 2 x 90 minute clients per day, with at least an hour in between. The enhanced cleaning takes longer, but I don't mind a bit. Feedback regarding wearing a mask is that it isn't as bad as they thought it would be. I look forward to the day when this storm passes, and it will. I think I'll keep the schedule for the forseeable future, though. 

My next openings are in March 2021. You should be able to sign in using your phone number at the top right of this page to check your schedule and make any adjustments: https://square.site/book/8PR51DFQVC67S/tranquil-sole-massage-llc-rhinelander-wi

If you are at all feeling unwell on the date of your massage, please know that I won't be upset if you cancel. It's time to be extra cautious. As long as I hear from you, it's all good. This has happened several times since reopening and if it's last-minute, I usually just take the time to walk the dogs or something. It's a surprise break in my busy week. 
Lastly, I would like to review some comfort measures you may or may not know about in the massage room. Please feel free to speak up for any adjustments. Even if it's something you think I might not have a remedy for - there are many pillows and bolsters I can put to use and it's no trouble. Here are some of the adjustable comforts:
- The headrest adjusts in several ways. It's a different design than standard, and the way the pressure relief (get stuffy much?) works requires that your forehead is supported on the cushion. If you feel anything pushing on your neck, or your neck getting sore, we can pause for an adjustment. In fact, if you want to set it yourself when you get on the table, I'm happy to show you how. 
- The table warmer has 5 levels. Unless you've previously told me you prefer it off, it's generally at a 3/5 in the cooler months.
- There's a breast pillow available with cutouts, and some ladies find that more comfortable for when I apply pressure to the back.
- I use warm coconut oil for the massage, but if it feels to oily for you, I also have an organic lotion that does a better job of soaking in available on request.
- If you feel a little claustrophobic when you're face down, I can direct the room fan to circulate a little more air your way.
- Cranky shoulders can be bolstered with a towel when you're face down to take some of the pressure off of them.
- Sore lower backs should be bolstered with a small pillow under the abdomen/hips.
When you find something that works for you, I will put it in your chart for future reference. The same applies to any preferences regarding essential oils, pressure, cupping, etc.
I'm here to help you be more comfortable, and create a relaxing experience. I want for you to feel tended to. I appreciate each and every one of you!
Thanks for sticking with me!
Andrea Engel, RN, LMT