Cocktail lounge open- back to our OG vibe! 20% off if you support other local businesses.

Guess who's back, back again!
Our cocktail room is now open to serve you craft cocktails in South Minneapolis.
Our new hours are Thursday- 5-11 Friday/Saturday 5-12 am

We have returned the cocktail lounge to its original vibe with a new menu based on the flavors from our neighborhood!

The flavorhood menu is inspired by Cafe Racer, Midori's Floating World, and Milkweed Coffee

Our new menu is based on flavors from our neighborhood- flavorhood!
Receipt Exchange- small business support! Save 20%
Step 1: Eat or drink with our neighbors!

2929 E 25th Street
Food is our passion, service is our calling. 
Café Racer is a restaurant and catering 
company that serves delicious, healthy, Latin American cuisine.

3425 E Lake Street
Proudly serving delicious Japanese food to the greater Minneapolis community since 2003

3822 E Lake Street
Celiac friendly coffee shop + holistic drinks 
+ house made nutmilks + herbal elixirs
Step 2: Stop into Lawless
Bring in your receipt from any of the businesses above and receive a 20% discount on your cocktails.

Take our receipt to any of the businesses and also receive 20% off.