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SABBA Vineyard

You are invited to Sabba Vineyard's first Sculpture Exhibition!
Join Sabba Vineyard in welcoming Abby Yaghoubi's masterpieces. For sale and on display, will be around 40 pieces all made by hand with stainless steel.
Step into Sabba's sculpture garden to enjoy masterpieces created by Abby Yaghoubi. Abby is not only our master wine maker, but his metalwork decorates our outdoor space.

In 2009, Abby went to Australia for the first time to visit his younger daughter who was studying abroad in Sydney at the time. She had purchased a very unique didgeridoo, which is a wind instrument originally used by the aboriginals. When she graduated college and rented her first apartment, she asked Abby how she should display the beautiful piece as artwork. Not knowing much about woodworking, he created a base for the instrument and was pleased with his craftiness.

After his first “project,” Abby started watching YouTube videos and began creating different wood pieces as a hobby. Although he enjoyed crafting vases and tables, he felt like there was an alternate medium that would be more fun and different, which he found using stainless steel.

Abby has created larger and more diverse sculptures in Old Chatham, NY over the last decade, as well as built Sabba vineyard and winery, so that people can enjoy locally grown and produced wine while sitting and walking around his sculpture garden. On display, and for sale, will be some of his pieces that we hope you enjoy. Some of the sculptures are featured on his wine labels.