Dr. Tumblety’s™️ (Inspired by Spirits™️ Distilling Co. LLC) has eGift Cards available

Dr. Tumblety’s™️ (Inspired by Spirits™️ Distilling Co. LLC)

Dr. Tumblety's Gift Cards are Now Available to Purchase Online
We're excited to now offer Dr. Tumblety's gift cards to you and your loved ones for use at any future time in our shop. We are extremely anxious and excited to see you all again when the time is right, and we hope that you are all staying happy, holistic and healthy.
Thank you for your continued support of Dr. Tumblety's and other small businesses. Each gift card purchase helps us keep our lights on and our doors open to you so that we can continue to provide a unique and authentic experience. We are owned and operated by neighborhood natives of Allentown and the Hilltop.

Dr. Tumblety’s™️  |  A Time-Inspired Specialty Shop
(Inspired by Spirits™️ Distilling Co. LLC)
753 e Warrington Ave. |  Pittsburgh, PA 15210
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We use such balms as have no strife; With nature or the laws of life; 
With blood our hands we never stain; Nor poison men to ease their pain. 
Our Father–whom all goodness fills– Provides the means to cure all ills; 
The simple herb beneath our feet; Well used, relieves our pains complete.
A simple herb, a simple flower; Culled from the dewy lea–
These, these shall speak with touching power; Of change and health to thee.
F. Tumblety, M.D.