It's Our Birthday! Enjoy Our Gift to You!

We're Celebrating 7 Years in Business!
Happy birthday to us! Jen Denton Aesthetics at Buda MedSpa is celebrating seven years in business this month, and it's all thanks to your loyalty! To celebrate, enjoy our gift to you - savings on everything, all month long!
Since we opened in 2012, our discount starts at 12% off, and because it's 2019, the discount maxes out at 19% off. It all depends on how much you spend!
$50 or less and get 12% off
$100 and get 13% off
$150 and get 14% off
$200 and get 15% off 
$250 and get 16% off
$300 and get 17% off
$350 and get 18% off
$400 and get 19% off
These discounts encompass all products and services - even eGiftCards! 
If you purchase an eGiftCard for $300, get 17% off, making it only $249! Just use the code BIRTHDAY at checkout here
*This special cannot be combined with other offers. Must be up-to-date with doctor's consult for injectable or laser services