Happy Composite Day!

Composite Day
Today and tomorrow there is a very wealthy man who is encouraging you to give him more of your money. I encourage you to NOT do this. This wealthy man is asking for your money under the guise of “Prime Day.”
Prime. This is the word that he’s using to trick you.
Prime has many definitions. “Of the first of importance.” And. “Of the best quality.”
But a man who has garnered such wealth peddling cheap objects on the internet knows very little about what is important, and cares very little for quality. But a man who has garnered such wealth knows a great deal about numbers.
Prime numbers.
A prime number is one that is only divisible by itself and one. One. Solitary. Your “prime” purchases are going to one man, who is using that money for himself.
That is why today, and every day, we celebrate Composite Day.
The opposite of prime, composites are divisible by more than just the number One and itself. Composites, by definition, are made of several parts.
Composites are like small businesses. Composites are like Communities.
We are made, and supported, by each other.
We exist because of you. And we exist for you.
Happy Composite Day!
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