The Kneading Well: Get a free Add-On: Heat Therapy the next time you visit!

The Kneading Well

"Taking care of myself doesn't mean 'me first'. It means 'me, too'."
~L.R. Knost
September is National Self-Care Awareness Month!

I like this quote. For a long time, I felt guilty for taking dedicated time out to focus on me. I felt like I was neglecting my children, my household, my studies, my friends, my job, etc. But really, the only person I was neglecting was me because I had given ALL of me to others. Self-care doesn't mean "me last" either. You should not be an AFTERTHOUGHT to yourself. Without YOU, the whole YOU, the recharged YOU, the present YOU; you cannot give of yourself to others. 

This week...I am bringing the HEAT to YOU at The Kneading Well. Yup, you guessed it...HOT STONE is on back on the menu. FREE Heat Therapy add-on service is the featured reward. Heat is a great way to bring blood flow to tissue and muscles that have been experiencing stiffness and tightness. This increase in circulation helps to prepare the muscle for deeper work and promotes healing.'s very relaxing too! If the FREE add-on is not enough for you, then you want to book a 75 minute or 105 minute Hot Stone Massage for a full body experience.

Now you have even more reward options to choose from for the rest of the month. Choose wisely because you can only redeem one per visit. I hope to see you soon!

Happy Caring For You,
~Kyanni, The Kneader

Get a free Add-On: Heat Therapy the next time you visit!

This reward expires on September 30, 2020. No cash value. Not transferable. In-store only. May be canceled at any time.

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