Sanitizing & COVID-19

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Sanitizing & COVID-19
We will be offering Enzeyme Treatments for $29 with any Detail Package!
Chlorine ClO2 Based Cabin Treatments $29
with any Detail Package!
Concerned about your family's health as you spend time in your vehicle?  Recent reports cite virus's are active on surfaces up to 72hrs.  Did you know that our Chlorine Based Cabin Treatments are highly effective!
What is ClO2 and where else is it used?
Cl02 is the formula for Chlorine Dioxide, a chemical compound that is one part chlorine and two parts oxygen.  In the world of science, more particularly chemistry ClO2 has been an established odor eliminator for the last 15 years. ClO2 is also a biocide. Biocides aggressively attack and destroy malicious odor causing bacteria and enzymes.  Most commonly ClO2 is used to purify drinking water and is used in water treatment plants in the United States, Canada and in nations around the world.  ClO2 is so effective that hospitals switched to the compound as a sanitizer in the 1990’s after formaldehyde was found to have carcinogenic properties potentially dangerous to humans.  ClO2 is used daily all around us in a variety of different applications.
We're offering this treatment for $29 with any Detail Package!

Also, our we're offering DISCOUNTED Detail Packages through April.
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