Help Us Help You in 2022...

Help Us Help You in 2022...
Happy New Year! What a gorgeous day we were treated with here in The Bay Area to kick of 2022, right?!

Housekeeping note:  We will not be at the Sunday Marin Civic Center Farmers Market tomorrow, January 2, 2022.

Serendipity often plays a key role in shaping the future. Having Christmas Day and New Year's Day fall on Saturdays this year created a disruption to the weekend Farmers Markets. We reacted by offering online sales with Friday pickups in the East Bay and North Bay... with a serendipitous outcome!

We've been brainstorming about various ways to serve more people, more often throughout the entire Bay Area in 2022. The "order-online-and-pickup-in-person" model that we've collectively explored over the past couple/few weeks has inspired us to contemplate more of that.

We're imagining pickup locations for online orders throughout the entire Bay Area. We'd offer two hour pickup windows once-a-week at various locations in the South Bay, East Bay, North Bay, Napa/Sonoma and maybe even Sacramento and Lake Tahoe.

We'd love to have you all help us fine tune the idea:

1.  If we were to arrange a pickup location within 5-20 minutes of your home, would you consider ordering online and picking up from us during a weekly two hour window?

2.  All we need is a parking lot that's convenient for you to access. Do you have any suggestions for pickup locations that we should consider?

3.  Which foods would you love to see us offer that we don't currently offer?

Please help us help you in 2022! We're looking forward to receiving any input that you might have for us. There might even be a little reward in it for you...

Your friends,
Gary, Dan, Megan, Marina and all the rest of Team StoneRoot