Update from Untangled about Re-Opening


Yep... the Governor gave the go ahead... So what this means for us....
Dear Untangled community,

The Governor has announced very unexpectedly that Salons would be allowed to re-open this Friday May 8th. I have received every ones messages about rescheduling and about getting getting on the schedule. I promise I will get back to everyone!! I need to fill everyone in about how I am going to proceed forward to have a safe and comfortable reopening. 

First I need to tell you that I cannot give you an exact re-open date due to lack of childcare. I wasn't able to afford to continue to pay to keep my sons spot in his daycare when they went down to essintal workers children only. I will hear back from his school today about getting him placed. I assumed I would be going back on the 18th so that is when, if everything goes well, I will have him back in school.

With the oringinal start date in mind I have been rescheduling people according to who had to be canceled as far back as March. I will be opening my online booking on Friday to everyone who didnt already have an appointment. 

I am asking for everyones patience with me on this next announcement. I will only be taking 3 of you a day. To be able to keep up with the CDCs guidelines, my buildings guidelines and TDLR guidelines, I will need at least 20 minutes between guests to clean. 
The guidelines: 

Every guest is required to wear a mask. I have ordered diposable masks but please make sure you have your own or you will be rescheduled. 

This is a good of time as any to let you know I have re-launched my webisite with a facelift. There is now a wavier that will need to be filled out, e-signed, and emailed or printed back to me.

Please do not bring any extra guests with you. This includes family, friends and children.

Upon entry please wash your hands and disinfect your phone, keys, and wallet. So minimal items when you come in. 

Please wait outside or in your car until I call you for your appointment. The lobby is closed until further notice. 

If you are running a fever or showing ANY symptems of illness you will be rescheduled. Please understand this is for the safety of myself, my family, and my salon family. 

I am looking forward to seeing each and everyone of you. I appreciate everyones patience and understanding during this stressful and frustrating time. I also appriciate your compliance with the "new normal" for the time being.

All cancellation fees are suspended at this time. If you are feeling ill or have been exposed to COVID, please call and cancel your appointment.

See you soon,