Z Wave targeted technology SPECIAL!

Endermologie Body Sculpting @Contour Room

Check out our new service!
Z Wave didn’t disappoint! And it’s very quickly gaining popularity, filling up our calendar with appointments. After months of researching, we are happy that we were able to find a neat powerful machine that steps in where Endermologie sometimes struggled. You know, those stubborn, cellulite dence areas...? Yeah, those will be a distant memory soon.

We have created new prices and package options, as usually, offering series of 10 to neatly compliment your Endermologie series. (Z Wave is recommended right before an Endermologie session).

You can choose from the options below.
 Also, until July 4th 2018 we will throw in a package of 10 body LED sessions if you sign up for a Z Wave package of 3 zones and more, free of charge. 

1 zone, $50; 

10 sessions $450 

(10% off)

2 zones, $100; 

10 sessions $850

 (15% off)

4 zones, $200

10 sessions $1500 

(25% off)

6 zones, $250

10 sessions $1750 

(30% off)

Treat the ones you love!