Results of Déjà Vu Birth Chart Research

Déjà Vu Birth Chart Research 
The Results Are In!
First, thank you to everyone who submitted a response to my study regarding Déjà vu in the birth chart! I have a super geeky astrology report for everyone below if you’d like to keep reading. Since I did not have a control group for this experiment, I do have to say these results are not official or up to my scientific standards. What this means is that I did not receive a reply from anyone who does NOT experience déjà vu. I was the only “control” in this experiment since I do not experience this phenomenon. It’s still fun to go through the data and analyze the results though (for me)!

My hypothesis going into this research was that Pisces would be the sign that experiences déjà vu the most. I also hypothesized that individuals heavy on the Earth element in their chart (like myself) would be the most common signs to NOT experience déjà vu. I did receive a lot of evidence to support my hypothesis. For example, I am a Capricorn Sun and not a single Capricorn Sun sign responded to my survey! Another sign that scored a "0" was another Earth sign. I did not receive a single response from anyone with a Virgo Moon. Again, much more research would be needed to validate or make ANY conclusion from my results. 

Below are the results of this study based on the responses I received. I broke the data down to Sun, Moon, and Mercury signs. I did not find any significant correlation with the houses

Fifty-seven (57%) of the respondents were born with Neptune in Capricorn which occurred from approximately 1984 to 2000. A lot of the respondents also had the planet Neptune conjunct Uranus at birth which occurred from approximately 1990-1996. This should not be taken as significant, however, because this could be the average age of my clients. This is something I do not track in any way.

As you can see in the graph below, the Air Sun signs were the most common to report this experience. There was a tie between Air & Water Moon signs. A watery Mercury may be involved in the likelihood to experience deja vu as well. A full 50% of respondents had Mercury in a water sign!
Only 10% of responses were born with Mercury Retrograde so I can’t make any conclusion on whether being born with Mercury Retrograde has any affect on the possibilities of a person experiencing this phenomenon.

If you have trouble following my graph, let me break the results down in writing:

The majority of Sun signs who reported déjà vu were the Air signs. Gemini was the most common Sun sign to report. Pisces scored the 2nd most common Sun sign to report experiencing déjà vu.

The majority of Moon signs who reported déjà vu were tied – the Air and Water signs. Pisces was the most common Moon sign to report. Libra and Sagittarius Moon signs tied for 2nd place.

The majority of Mercury signs who reported déjà vu were the Water signs by a landslide! Pisces was the most common Mercury sign to report. The other water signs tied for 2nd place – Cancer and Scorpio Mercury signs.
Responses from Volunteers of Déjà Vu Study 
I’ve included some answers to my questions below that I received. All of the responses are shared with permission.

1. How often do you experience Déjà Vu?

I have experienced it as long as far back as I can remember; as a child, but didn't know what it was.” – SK, Hibbing, MN

It occurs to me like it happens ALL the time, yet the actual frequency is probably once a quarter or so.“ – Melissa Rae, MN

2. Have you noticed a pattern of when it typically happens to you (Examples: sleep deprived, anxious, using alcohol, etc)?

Mainly when I am driving or meeting people at public places.” – A.N., Inver Grove Heights, MN

It usually happens when I am an observer of something. I am usually not the cause for the matter - for instance I will have random dreams and then years later that scenario plays out in front of me and I am always one person removed from it. So one example would be watching someone complete a task, and already knowing that what they're doing is going to work, or not work, or malfunction for whatever the reason. Or very mundane deja vu moments of being in the kitchen and knowing that an orange is going to fall off the counter. I feel sad that they're not all that impactful but they are extremely vivid and are a solid 1-4 minutes worth of very vivid memory.” – Michelle L., Buffalo, MN

I feel as if it strangely happens when I am in an unfamiliar place. Or that is maybe when I notice it more because I’m a pretty socially anxious person. I am now 3 years sober and experience it more now than in any other time in my life.” – Jenna P., Lincoln, CA

When I’ve been crying and go to sleep, when I play astrological project or hz music while I fall asleep or continuously sleep. When I’m in the depths of practicing tarot.” – Mara M., Sioux Falls, SD

Definitely when I am vibing high and when I haven’t had any alcohol for extended period of time.” – L.R., Lake Nebagamon Village, WI

3. Have you noticed you experience MORE Déjà Vu in the last few years or LESS? Was there a year it stopped or started that you can recall?

In the last ten years as I’ve devoted time and resources to energy work it has increased substantially.” – Heather S., St. Louis Park, MN

When I began training to be a Reiki Master Teacher, I was working with reiki every day - this was in the fall 2020 and since then, I have experienced Déjà Vu more frequently and in various forms.” – K.F., Amherst, MA

I have always had random déjà vu moments. No correlation of less or more that I am aware of. Sometimes I wake up with them from dreams. Other times they just hit me when I’m standing in the kitchen.” – Laurie, Y., Appleton, WI

More deja vu definitely as I have taken more investment in myself to understand energies.” – Samantha S., Chicago, IL

In my high school psychology class we talked about Deja Vu being a phenomenon where your brain is slightly behind your senses for a moment. Therefore it seems you've experienced this moment before, but it's actually your consciousness lagging behind. I remember a sense of having experienced DV before learning this.” – Whitney S., Faribault, MN
Thank you!
Again, thank you to everyone who took the time to respond to my déjà vu survey! 

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