An update from Great Harvest Bread Co. Fort Worth

As you may have been aware, we have been trying to sell our bakery for the past 6 months and have been searching to find the right person/people to continue on with Great Harvest Bread Co. Fort Worth. We have worked hard to keep the store as normal as possible and kept searching to build a great team so when the new owners arrived, they would be all set for their future. Unfortunately, that owner has not appeared and our staff continued to stay amazing but has kept shrinking with replacements harder and harder to find. Because of this, I have had to take on more roles in the bakery that I have done my best to keep up. 

This is a long winded set up to make a few announcements.

1) The bakery will be closed 2/21/2023 because of a previous family obligation. With no one else to cover the baking, we had no choice but to close for the day.

2) The bakery will be closing permanently this Saturday, February 25th, 2023. We have not been able to find a buyer for the bakery and we are no longer able to operate at the levels that meet our standards. 

We are so thankful for everyone that has come through our doors and supported us as we made our dreams, reality. The last 6 years have been amazing because of our customers and staff and we will never forget you. We will be working on making as many of your favorites as we can before we close for good so if you have any requests, send them our way.