My son has been exposed to COVID-19


We have some updates
Dear Untangled community,

Good evening and I hope this email finds you all well. You are receiving this email along with a text message to let you know that I received a call this evening from Rebels pre-school to let us know that one of his classmates tested positive for Covid-19 this past Friday evening. 

His class room will be closed for the next 14 days.

No one in my family has shown any signs or symptoms. We all have an appointment for tomorrow morning to be tested immediately. 

What this means for you all. Since I want to be as sensitive to you all as possible I would like to extend the offer to keep your appointments as is unless for small chance that I test positive tomorrow and if that is the result I will let you know immediately and Untangled will have to shut down for 14 days. Or if you do not feel comfortable coming in and would like to reschedule please text me a few dates and times that would suite you for the weeks AFTER September 12th. 

That being said if your appointment falls on Sept. 3rd,  9th, or 11th and you wish to stay on the books please contact me and I will also be reaching out to get you rescheduled to a different day in the week. This is due to my sons father and I having to rearrange our schedules to keep our son home for the next 2 weeks as no matter if we are positive or not his classroom will remain close for that duration of time. 

Thank you so much for sticking with me. I look forward to continuing to support each other during these challenging times.