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Check out our new products!*
EVENT ESPRESSO wants to help you Bring Back the Buzzzz!

Double Down (4oz) - Espresso, Cream, and Muscovado
Cold Brew - Straight up chilled Cold Brew
Chocolate Goodness - Whole Milk, Cold Brew, and Chocolate
Creamy Vanilla Cold Brew Oat Milk, Cold Brew, and Vanilla

All bottled up and ready for your team to grab!
We are now offering a no contact, drop-off option* while you work on finding your new normal!  We are super flexible with building the right package for your team and offer something for everyone!  

We are still offering our full service espresso bar as well, and cant wait to see what great events you have planned for this year
*all of our areas are subject to availability and will vary from city to city. 
Thank you for your patients as we transition with you.