Mark Your Calendars, Classes and Schedule Changes are Ahead!

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'tis the season!  Holidays, new classes, and schedule changes!
Welcome to November, can you believe 2020 is almost over?! And we're still here, growing, changing and adapting - TOGETHER!  Read on for details about this month's classes, and our schedule changes for the holidays.
This month we will have limited classes and will also be taking time off to spend with our families, so we encourage you to do the same!
November Classes
Join us for this month's SRI class where we will dive right into a group practice.  These classes are massively transformative, and SRI is a wonderful tool that you can utilize nearly anytime, anywhere to help you experience MORE of what you want in your life.  Practicing SRI regularly will also help enhance your adjustments, and speed up your progress, so if you haven't yet, come practice with us! HERE is your link to join via Zoom, and reach out to the office directly if you would like to attend in person (limited availability)

Thursday November 12th - Deep Dive into Consciousness
Join us for this brand new class taught by both Dr. Tad and Caroline Van Horn our in house Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner or as Connie like to call her, the "Nutrition Magician!"  Both Tad and Caroline will dive deep into relevant research about consciousness.  This is bound to be an exciting and mind-blowing class.  HERE is your link to join via Zoom, and reach out to the office directly if you would like to attend in person (limited availability)
Schedule Changes in November
We will be OPEN next Monday November 2nd and CLOSED Saturday November 7th as Dr. Tad will be attending continuing education and teaching a seminar over the weekend.  We understand that schedule changes can be stressful, so we are doing all we can to accommodate more appointments and still be available 4 days a week for adjusting in the office.

We value time spent with loved ones and family, and as we all understand, not all of our families are near us.  We will be closing the office from the dates of Friday November 20th through Saturday November 28th to allow ourselves time to see family.  We urge you to add an extra visit the week before and the week after our closure to ensure that you don't miss any adjustments on your recommended care plans. 

To better accommodate your scheduling needs and to be as available as we possibly can to you, we will be OPEN Monday November 16th through Thursday November 19th.  Although we are closed for a period of time, we are only removing 4 days of adjusting from our schedule in the month of November.  Please schedule online, or reach out to the office directly to ensure that you get your adjustments scheduled and stay current with your care plan recommendations.
We are so incredibly GRATEFUL for each and every one of you!
Without you, Organic Living Chiropractic wouldn't exist and without each and every one of you, the world wouldn't be as bright as it is.  We VALUE every one of you, and we are HERE FOR YOU!  It is our honor to serve you and to be here for you.  We are proud of you for your commitment to yourself, to your health and ultimately to the world, because as you continue to grow and heal, you allow the world at large to do the same.  We are all connected, and we value every one of you.

In love and in gratitude,
OLC Staff
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